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Name:park "very grim yogurt" heung soo ( 박흥수 )
Birthdate:Apr 12

"What should you do? You retired, but used your fists again. Ah, right. Is it nice to live as someone else?"

"Now... this is who I am."

Suddenly, Heung Soo felt a pang of unfamiliarity towards Nam Soon's face, basked in the street light.
His eyes, which were filled with darkness for a short while, were now tranquil. That old aggressive
expression that warned anyone who dared disturb him... it is nowhere to be found.

So this is it. Could it be that this is not a facade or a lie, but a Nam Soon that he didn't know of?
However, to Heung Soo, this face is the most unnatural thing he has ever seen.

"Is that so? Then, it's just some guy I don't know."

Heung Soo continued on his way. If this was Nam Soon now, then what was the Nam Soon that Heung Soo
knew? Did that time even really exist? If the old Nam Soon really has disappeared, then the existence
of Heung Soo has also disappeared along with it — without leaving a single trace.
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